About Affiliatable

We design, build and create powerful tools to take your affiliate site to the next level.

Why Did We Build Affiliatable?

To help you, our valued customers, users to cut down your affiliate website development time by half and help you build stunning websites that perform for your business.

Aren’t there already a ton of plugins and themes available?

It’s no doubt a valid question, and it’s true there are already many plugins and themes on the market developed especially for the affiliate websites.

Well, at WildTech, we were building affiliate websites for us and our clients, just like you and we found it difficult to create a simple product comparison table. Though there are a few plugins available, there was a lack of customization options, performance issues and a general lack of quality.

In the end, we thought we could do better and that’s how it all started.

Fast forward five months, we developed a cloud-based tool that solved our own problem. Later, we planned to make the tool public and we thought it would help affiliate marketers to create stunning comparison tables and product boxes.

Behind this cloud-based tool, there is now a complete team dedicated to improving the product and customer service. Everyday, 5 people collaborate full-time to help our customers around the world. Our professional support, future updates and a simple money back guarantee help to certify our tool as nothing but the best.

Rajkot, Gujarat,
Email: info@affiliatable.io

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